शनिवार, 31 मार्च 2012

engrezzi mein homecoming

roads will grow thinner
until they disappear
into a small courtyard
and then
we will meet

we started from those little veins
stretching out of our little doors
and flew into wide turbulent
unending roads

turning back each time
making a resolve to return
until we lost sight of those little doors

home was a road, a cybercafe, a dorm
home was a cubical, the back of a car
home was the railway station,
home was then just a word with nothing tied to it...
home had flown away...

i'm not sure of this
but i want to turn backwards
until the roads thin out into staircases....
and i can then
start placing a brick from the cafe
gravel from the street, sink from the airport lounge
and build a collage

and tie myself to it
keeping my head on the torn out boots.
sleeping away

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